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How to build a call center - sales, service and telemarketing
If you are not there you do not exist! Almost every successful organization today has a service and sales call center whose proper management significantly increases the company's profits. So how do you build it successfully?
10 tips for building your new business
There's a good idea, I'm talented - I can't fail. In practice, this is not really the case. In the States, Israel, South Africa and UK more than a million businesses are closed every year. Most of them small businesses. In order to start a successful business you need a plan
Job Interview - how to do it right
It happened to every one of us who did at least one job interview in his life. The candidate makes a serious, ambitious, professional and reliable impression. A month after getting started we find that every connection between the character he played in the interview and the real persona is completely accidental. Can we avoid such cases? and how to conduct a Structural behavioral interview
10 amazing tips to improve your sales skills
Sales have no shortcuts. If you want to learn you have to practice. In this article, I will review 10 tips and sales practices that will help you sell more. Throughout proper sales training process, the sky is the limit
Employee Retention - How to train and retain your employees
New hiring procedures and new job training are usually the Achilles factor of many small businesses and organizations. How do i train employees and keep them in the company? The answers in the article below
10 ideas for amazing staff and department meetings
Whenever it comes we don't know what to do. Will we succeed in transcending last time? How can things be done differently and make employees happy? 10 great tips for team meetings
Johari Window Model
The use of Johari window as a tool for employee feedback enables quick identification of the person in front of us and promotes an efficient training initiation process and custom feedback
Time and task management - how to do more with less time
A lot of people talk about the equation of time = money and when we "waste" time we actually lose money. I do not rule out this equation but the correct equation to me is time = choice. When you lose time you lose a lot of things that are not necessarily just money
Recruiting Tips - how to find recruitment  sources?
In the age of the Internet and the never-ending supply, it is very easy to get lost when looking to recruit new employees. In this article we will try to sort through all the common sources, cover recruitment options and give practical recommendations on how to recruit for different positions
How to choose your recruitment CRM software
As technology advances we are seeing more and more possibilities in the recruitment world. The amount of recruiting software and options are increasing. So how do you know what to choose? In the article before you we will try to create order with the different options
Working with Head Hunters and placement companies - doing it right
Organizations that work with placement companies as "just another" provider do not understand the business called recruitment and manpower. Recruiters' work processes and relationships with placement companies can be the difference between a profit line and a loss line in the company's annual report. And if you think I'm exaggerating or you want to know how to work with headhunters, this article is just for you
How to build the best compensation bonus model for sales agents
A properly built and implemented bonus structure can significantly increase an organization's sales and profitability. So how do you do it right? The answers in the article before you
How to create and maintain business connections
In today's business world if you do not know people in the high windows of companies or businesses, you will find it very difficult to open doors and grow your business. In this article I will show that each on of us has a network of connections that can be used to extend existing relationships and grow your career and business
70-20-10 - A practical employee training model
Every manager and trainer encounters the ROI dilemma in the training world at one point or another. Many organizations find it difficult to manage an effective training system, that is to say with certainty that results in a short, medium and long term learning and implementation process
Do i need a business consulting service?
How do i know if need a business consultant? Should i save my money or will this procedure help me increase my profits? we will try to answer those questions in the article
Management and Leadership
The perception of the manager's role today is completely different from that which existed 30 years ago. The variety of capabilities and multitasking required by the manager leaves him little time to actually manage his employees. Is it also in the form of management today that the manager is first and foremost a leader?
Business Development - How can i get more clients
You have a very broad professional knowledge and you start a business that you think that will go to glory. The service is excellent, the products are of high quality and everything looks perfect. Only one thing is missing - customers. So how do you deal with the biggest challenge in small business?
Swot Model - Analysis and examples
In an incessant competitive environment we know how to make planned business and strategic moves. In this article we will review and explain one of the most common business environment research models and sample case analysis
It recruitment agencies
If you are looking for a reliable recruitment agency that can assist you in recruiting your developers, here you can find several recommendations
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