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Not all managers are born leaders and not all leaders are born managers. Management skills combines personal capabilities with acquired knowledge that can be enhanced throughout training and mentoring. At Barak Group, we incorporate learning and improving management capabilities into our workshops, providing applicable tools that can be used starting today

Manager development

Executive training for new and senior managers

The word manager has innumerable meanings and responsibilities. "The job of a leader is to lead those who follow him from where they are - to a place they have never been to" (Henry Kissinger). As part of the workshop, we will learn content that will improve your management skills and provide you with tools for dealing with daily situations.


Content for example - Development and Executive Workshop

  • At the Barak Group Leaders workshop you will learn:
  • What kind of manager am I? Shows myself and how I upgrade my management capabilities
  • Improve leadership capabilities and motivate employees
  • Diagnosing employees and responding to different types of communication
  • How to recruit and train employees
  • Effective time management
  • Conflict management and stress situations
  • Building briefings, staff meetings and monthly meetings
  • Effective interface management
  • Providing goals and building incentive models
  • And more


Why choose "Barak Group"?

If you are looking for a theoretical, boring and humorless workshop, you probably came to the wrong place. We believe that learning content from professional sourcest that combines humor with fun atmosphere is the way to cahieve effective learning and application in the field.

  • On-the-job training - we have no theory! Implement what you learn immediately
  • Experience from the field - With us you will not learn irrelevant theories from the 1970s. Each topic is covered by a relevant workshop and will provide tools for upgrading your management capabilities
  • A service that suits you - Roy will perform a preliminary diagnosis and teach the needs of the business and we will tailor a workshop to your dimensions
  • A personal example consultant - is there such a thing? Only with us, Roy will conduct simulations with the executives and execute his real-time techniques to demonstrate how the methodology works in the field
  • If you want to improve your management skills, you've come to the right place. I pledge to provide you with effective tools that will enhance your management capabilities. Skeptical? The duty of

Proof is on us!


Executive training and guidance

I want to tell you what I can do for you throughout a management escort process:

  • After 5 two-hour sessions, I give my personal promise that you will receive practical tools to implement on a day-to-day basis
  • We will diagnose and customize your needs
  • Together, we will review your administrative profile and help you improve your management skills
  •  Who is it for?
  • Executives in large organizations
  • Small business owners managing staff
  • Anyone interested in a management career 


A personal word from Roy

I see your business as my business. Your success is my success and this is why I take personally every business and organization I accompany. For me, seeing a business or organization that can apply my methods and improve it's skills gives me the gratitude that to go home every day when I finish work. I'm sure that by working together we can take your business to the highest places.


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