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We are here to create a winning sales/service call center with you and improve performance in an existing call center. With over 10 years of experience in a wide variety of management positions in Israel and abroad, Roy's knowledge and experience will help you grow your profitability

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Sales focus management

How to build a telemarketing success? Establishing a sales call center is more than renting an office and hiring employees. In order to establish a successful sales center, it is important to understand that there are many processes that need to be examined and built before the establishment of the call center such as: 

  • Cloud telephony
  • Computing equipment
  • Website
  • Leads
  • How to reach the sales people
  • Reports and measurement
  • Post recruitment ads
  • Interview and training process for agents and managers
  • Bonus models
  • And more 


Our Call center sales and service workshop 

  • Alignment with the existing services, products and procedures at the hotline
  • Find unique resistance management techniques for your products and services
  • Training is tailored to managers and representatives
  • Build and upgrade call scripts
  • Creating chemistry with the client
  • Locating and contacting by customer type
  • Open conversation and strive to closer
  • And more


Management Course for Team leadrs shift Managers and Teams in Service and Sales

  • Workshop and customized course according to the managers experience
  • How to manage team leaders and shift managers
  • Focused data analysis
  • Service routines in service and sales call centers
  • Proper handling of incoming and outgoing calls
  • How to improve procedures in call centers
  • Proper measurement of service and sales personnel
  • Dealing with management conflicts 
  • Administrator Listening Forum
  • Service and sales workshops
  • Possibility of escort and assimilation concurrent with the workshops



Call Center Performance Improvement Seminar

In the call center work enviorment we will create a performance improvement procedure for: 

  • The work procedures
  • Sorting and training processes
  • Motivation and Contests
  • Conversation Scripts
  • Handling resistance
  • Reports and measurement
  • Incentive models
  • Management skills
  • And more


A word from Roy

Together we will build a diagnostic process of your call center, find the things to maintain and build an improvement plan. My escort process will continue until results are achieved in the field!



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