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The management concept in many organizations and businesses is that only a long-term process will lead to behavior change and performance improvement. This is often required and important. But sometimes one focused lecture is all it takes to drop tokens and make a real change. Together we will choose the route that is right for you

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Why is is important to always acquire knowledge?

Why is it always important to enrich our managers' knowledge?

Prior to founding Barak Group, I served as manager in a wide variety of positions. What motivated me to get up every day in the morning for work is what drives many of today's younger generation and Y and Z generation executives.

Managers want to take on new challenges, diverse areas of knowledge, to enrich and empower their capabilities with a sense of doing and self-satisfaction. As a manager, I remember that one of the things that would get me out of my routine and helped motivating me and upgrading my skills as a manager and as a professional employee.


The differences between an internal workshop and an external management lecturer

It is true that in many organizations there are great and long-standing managers who can teach the younger generation and also pass on knowledge to themselves to develop. Still, there are many benefits to a guest lecture or external executive development workshop:

  • Sometimes we want to hear things from someone else. In many cases, completely identical content delivered by an outside lecturer will be more positively received by someone we know. The integration, internalization, motivation and added value that managers receive will be a significant change from what they know from the inside
  • Standing in front of an audience - I know great executives who get great credit, lead their teams successfully, and have achieved very significant achievements in their careers. This does not mean that they can build the content in an attractive way, stand in front of an audience and deliver the lecture in a way that will be an added value for audience learning
  • You can't teach an old dog new tricks - so it's possible. True, it is more complex and even more difficult but I have seen many lectures where lots of tokens have fallen. Even the oldest and most experienced executives. Sometimes the approach of the lecturer or consultant, the content, the way of thinking and the added value he brings with him makes a difference
  • A new world of content and way of thinking - When we work in a long-time organization or a number of organizations that have a certain way of thinking, we are confident that we do the best we can because it works for us. I have learned from experience that there are always other ways to do things, some of which can be a significant improvement over what we are used to. 


Why do my lecture or workshop and not anyone else's?

First of all, I'll start by saying that there are great lecturers in the market and everyone has their own specialty. So what is my specialty and added value?

  • Experience before everything! Managers come to lectures and workshops for learning, but also for fun. If they are not having fun they are learning less and applying less. So how do you create an experience?
  • All workshops and lectures are delivered with humor, audience sharing, creative games, and customization for the organization as needed.
  • At the content level, I deliver practical content that can be applied and learned either in an ongoing workshop or a single lecture.
  • All the content is based on my personal experience within organizations that have worked in many places and assisted many managers.
  • As an employee and also as a consultant, I have trained in group and personal processes hundreds of managers from the field level to the levels of VP and CEO.


Lectures and sample content

A variety of articles and content for lectures:

  • How to manage by employee types
  • Time management and tasks using the Krembo method
  • How to build and implement a work plan
  • Salesman kicker models - not what you thought
  • Manager or Friend - How to Manage in the Y Age
  • Proper management of interfaces
  • Identify and manage situations
  • Dealing with conflicts in management
  • You can consult and build a custom lecture together


Our added value

  • Experience - active and engaging lectures
  • Providing simple tools for application in the field in any lecture
  • Possibility of personal accompaniment as an addition to any lecture
  • The content can be tailored to any organization or field


A word from Roy

One of the most important things I convey in every tutorial is that a good process is not measured in time, but in results. Results are not only long-term, they are also measured in the medium and short term, with the ambition being a long-term implementation.

In a two-hour time management and tasks workshop, I educated many managers and made them improve behavioral patterns to manage more correctly and effectively in the short and long term. Many organizations and businesses rightly choose to take lectures in targeted areas where they want to improve or make changes.


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