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Barak Group provides a wide range of services in recruitment, human resources and management development such as placement services with specialization in technology jobs, sales workshops for human resources, workshops and executive development courses

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Business lectures for managers
The management concept in many organizations and businesses is that only a long-term process will lead to behavior change and performance improvement. This is often required and important. But sometimes one focused lecture is all it takes to drop tokens and make a real change. Together we will choose the route that is right for you
Recruitment consulting services
Every employee who abandons you loses thousands of Euro's and even more to your organization! Employee satisfaction surveys in most leading organizations in the economy show that the main reasons for employee abandonment are managerial attitude, unprofessional recruitment and training process
Management Development
Not all managers are born leaders and not all leaders are born managers. Management skills combines personal capabilities with acquired knowledge that can be enhanced throughout training and mentoring. At Barak Group, we incorporate learning and improving management capabilities into our workshops, providing applicable tools that can be used starting today
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