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If you are looking for a reliable recruitment agency that can assist you in recruiting your developers, here you can find several recommendations


R&D Recruitment agency - how do i choose?

There are many recruitment agencies in Israel today that have plenty of experience in IT recruitment. So how do i know which one is right for me?

  1. Are they regulated? bet you did not know that many agencies in Israel are not regulated and it mostly means that they are small and not serious
  2. Ask if they recruit IT or undesrstand IT. Those are 2 completley different things. Most recruiters do not undesrtand what a libary is or what is React. If they can't undesrtand, how can they interview your candidates?
  3. Do they send 20 CV'S every day, or 1-2 that are relevant? Most recruiters send tons of irrelavant CV'S and waste your time. In today's world it is very hard to find canidates, therefore, almost immposible to find 
  4. Is it a single work from home head hunter or a big company? Big companies usually have a big database and therefore more candidates


IT recruitment companies - reccomandations

As we have a lot of clients that recruit IT people on a regular basis, we have plenty of knowledge when it comes to IT recruitment companies.

We have vast expirence working with RecruitX as an agnecy and we have to say that we are happy to reccomend their services at any time.

RecruitX provides a variety of recruitment services such as success based and also external recruiter. 

They helped the companies we consult for in recruiting for various positions such as (and not only):

  1. Developers
  2. VP R&D
  3. Product Manager
  4. Project Manager
  5. Tech lead
  6. CTO
  7. Full Stack/Backend/Frontend Team leaders 
  8. Software Architect
  9. Engineers
  10. And many more

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