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Marketing is the most important thing in your business. Without marketing there are no customers and no business. Instead of paying someone to do it for you (and usually not do it well), you'll learn how to get more customers into your business yourself. It's not that complicated!

marketing your business

How do i start my digital marketing plan?

Don't leave this page!

This is going to be the most important minute you have invested in your business.


Marketers love you very much (or rather your money).

Ever wondered why you see so many Internet marketers' advertisements?

And you know why it's very strange? 40,000 small businesses go bankrupt in Israel every year and most of these experts continue to exist. In all their advertisements, they always seem to pledge to double your income or give you free tips (because they are really generous) and have decades of internet marketing experience (which makes no sense since the field has only evolved in small business in recent years).


In the end, most business owners do one of the following:

  • Decide not to market online because it looks expensive or complicated and loses thousands of potential customers
  • Go to a multi participant seminar that focuses on everything but your business. At the end of the course, they realize it looks complicated and pay someone to do it for them
  • Paying someone to market for us that usually doesn't guarantee results (and usually doesn't bring them)
  • In every possible scenario of the three, your business loses money or customers


Why can't marketers get me customers?

I'll tell you something that might angry a lot of people, but unfortunately that's the truth. Many people think that their marketing person is unprofessional, or just doesn't know the job well enough, but most of the time it's wrong. Most marketing professionals can bring you customers, they just don't care! You are another number in line. Why should they will invest in you when they have dozens of customers who pay thousands of shekels/EURO a month each. Each customer gets between half an hour and an hour a month and that's it. It's not that they don't want to, they just don't have the time to invest in marketing your business the way it deserves. For a campaign to succeed, you need to update it and make improvements (which most experts do not do for you).


Don't be disappointed :) There is a solution - and it comes down to your business

There is no magic formula for internet advertising and don't be tempted to buy from someone who claims to have the formula. Why? Very simple, because he is lying to you. There are very simple applicable techniques that anyone who studies them can perform just like the same experts. All you have to do is learn the same tricks and manage the account yourself. The service I offer is very simple - instead of burning your money on workshops that will waste you time, fuel and money or online lessons with kids who work at home with their underware and promise you mountains and hills, I will come to your business personally and teach you how to do it.


Why work with me?

Apologies for not introducing myself before, I am Roy, nice to meet you. I promise only one thing - to give you everything I can and know for how to be successful.


You will receive from me

  • In-house personal training with hours and content to suit your needs
  • 10 years of marketing and sales experience in leading companies in the economy and working with many businesses from a variety of fields
  • 4 years of experience as a training manager - you will learn comfortably, efficiently and effectively
  • Home-based service - without wasting your time or fuel
  • Unlimited phones and emails
  • Heart and soul service
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