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It's time for you to sell more

Roei Barak

Learn how to sell from an experienced sales trainer

Do you want to sell more?

Your business is not profitable enough?

Want to find a job in sales and need training?


Roei is the right man for the job!


Call centers, Business consulting and Managment development

1. Personal sales training - every graduate will recieve my help finding a job in the sales field

2. Building and training sales courses in English

3. Sales training for small business and global organizations

4. Call center development - Building from scratch and improving existing Structures

5. Managers devolpment - Courses, one on one and unique lectures in English and Hebrew

6. Business consulting - Business development, Marketing, Work procedures and finencial plan


My experience

1. More than 10 years as a salseman, sales trainer and sales manager

2. Managing sales call centers in the largest communication companies in Israel

3. VP Sales at several CFD companies in the investment market


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