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The managerial concept in many organizations and businesses is that only a long-term process will lead to behavior change and performance improvement. This is often required and important. But sometimes, one focused lecture is all it takes to drop tokens and make a real change

Lecture sales

Our unique lectures and their content


  • Identifying and selling to customer types
  • Call Menu - Customize the script to your client's needs
  • Handling customer resistance using the "refrigerator" method
  • Elevator Call - How to Sell Yourself in Less Than a Minute
  • Sales in My Business - A lecture tailored to your business needs 


Customer service and retention

  • 10 tips for service and retention to fit every customer
  • I want to cancel - handling the difficult clients "refrigerator"style
  • You break, you pay! How to retain a customer without going into corners
  • Service in My Business - A lecture tailored to your business needs 


Management and work procedures

  • Time management and tasks using the pyramid method
  • Proper management of interfaces
  • Identifying and managing complicated situations
  • Dealing with conflicts in management
  • How to build and implement a work plan
  • Salesman kicker models - not what you thought
  • Manager or Friend - How to Manage in the Y generation


Our added value

  • Experience - active and engaging lectures
  • Providing simple tools for application in the field in any lecture
  • Possibility of personal escort as an addition to any lecture
  • The content can be tailored to any organization or field 


A word from Roy

One of the most important things I convey in every tutorial is that a good process is not measured in time, but in results. Results are not only long-term, they are also measured in the medium and short term, with the ambition being a long-term implementation.


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