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Running a business is not an easy thing. Customers, suppliers, employees, high expenses and unearned revenue. The pressure you have is enormous. As a business owner like you, I understand your feelings and know how hard it is to carry all this burden on one person's back

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Business Coaching for small businesses and companies

What is a business coaching and consulting process?

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that all the responsibility is on you. It is very easy for everyone to give advice from the side, but in practice they do not always deepen their understanding of your business because it is not their business and as a fact, they care less. You don't have to be alone!

In a new or existing business consulting process, a professional consultant first performs a diagnostic process to understand the existing situation and then provides direction or alternative solutions to improve the existing situation.


A professional consultation process for an existing business will certainly include the following:

  • Existing condition diagnosis - arriving at the business and examining the following parameters:
    • Financial Status - Cash Flow, Salaries for Employees, Liabilities, Future Collection, Expenses, Profits, Pricing, etc.
    • Fixed costs - assets, rental, storage, domain, website, etc.
  • Marketing - How the business is marketed and the products / services - cost per lead, marketing means, profit for sale (less expenses), website, Facebook page, Instagram etc.
  • Sales & Service - Call Scripts, Courtesy and Customer Attitude, Prices & Deals, Customer Satisfaction (Conversation with Customers), Sales Processes
  • Employees - professionalism, satisfaction and motivation
  • Business processes
  • Visibility (in a tangible business) - How the goods are arranged, order and cleanliness, accessibility to customers, clothing and visibility of the business owner and employees
  • Business plan and strategy - business direction for growth, sales forecast, goals
  • Review Report - Submit a neat report to the business owner containing all the issues diagnosed including recommendations for improvement, retention and recommended course of action
  • Meeting with the business owner - Reviewing the recommendations and recommendations, preparing a common course of action that includes qualitative and numerical goals with due dates for execution
  • Business Support - Regular meetings for joint implementation of the work plan, changes in traffic and adaptation to the existing situation
  • Examination of goals and milestones - throughout the process we will measure reaching the goals that have been set for both the required actions and the way of action and also the profit / loss goals of the business following the changes
  • Do It Yourself - As part of the process, we teach the business owner to take ownership of all the elements and understand how to proceed independently in the future without an escort


Why do we need business training? Why can't you do it alone?

You can do it alone, but it's not easy. Even as a business consultant, I am not ashamed to say that I take advice myself. Large organizations have departments with professionals who have studied and experienced a very specific field and are experts in that field. A business owner, on the other hand, is required to be an expert in all aspects of the business and it is not easy to understand sales, marketing, finance, employee management, work processes, technology and being an expert in the products / services he provides. In the consultation process we bring our experience and make sure to bring an expert in the areas you need to provide the best answer for you.


So what can I do for you?

In the business coaching process, I take a commitment first, to getting to know your business and to giving you helpful tips. From many years of experience working with people, there are things that block your success which are not always associated with the business. For example. no full support of the spouse, helping the business partner spend time with the family etc. is very difficult to carry this burden on your back. Together we will go through a process where you get to know yourself and your business better. And pave your path to success.


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you like what you do?
  • Do you believe your business can succeed?
  • Are you 100% committed to the business and the way you outline it?
  • If you could, would you do things differently?
  • If you could close the business now without any losses, would you?


In business coaching, my job is to ask the tough questions and help you outline a way that you will feel complete with what you do and of course, help you do better.


The question everyone is asking - how are you better than your competitors?

There are many business consultants in the market, some better and some less good. I prefer to talk less about the competitors and explain the services I provide.

  • As part of my relentless desire to learn, research and experience, I have served in a wide variety of senior positions and in a combination rarely found with a business consultant:
    • CEO and director of overseas operations in the capital market, operations and technology.
    • VP of Sales at Capital Markets Companies and Director of Sales Sales Communications
    • VP of Human Resources, Recruitment Manager and currently also the owner of a company in employee placement.
    • Director of training system
    • A variety of project management and process roles
  • In the consulting process, I bring with me a 360-degree view of the client and a high level of familiarity with all the content related to the business, including: sales, marketing, finance, recruitment, employee management and work process building
  • I prefer to make less and your business will succeed. I don't do what I do for money, I do it for success. It's clear to me that this sounds like a cliché, so you are welcome to ask me for recommended clients who will tell you that I have often recommended them to shorter processes that have hurt my consulting fees but have been profitable for them. I believe that when the client is successful, he recommends me and everyone goes out satisfied


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