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Barak Group" provides HI-TECH recruitment services, training, coaching and business consulting services in a wide range of fields. Together, we will improve business results and add light to your business.

Who are we

A few words about our CEO

Hello and nice to meet you,

My name is Roy, a father to a lovely child and working in the job of my dreams as CEO and founder of Barak Group.

Before telling about my professional background, it is important for me to make you understand what is the real reason is for me to do what I chose to do - I just love it. And the reason I love what I do is you, our clients.

Because when a client tells me that they...

Closed their development positions and they are very happy it makes me smile

Took an advice from me about their recruitment profile I smile

Have been been through a service workshop training and now their client satsifaction is higher I smile

Have been in sales training with me and now closing more I smile

Manage to do better after an executive workshop I smile


And thanks to my existing and future clients I smile every day.


My professional backround

After understanding what motivates me to get up each day with a smile,  i think it is important for you to understand what my background is and what added value I bring with me to your business. 

Before i started working as a consultant, I've graduated a BA degree in Communication and a Master of Business Administration from two of the best universities in Israel. I worked in senior management positions at leading companies in the Israeli economy. I recruited and trained over 1000 employees and managers. Worked as VP of Sales at an investment company, managed sales and sales call centers at NetVision and Cellcom, worked as a Project Manager, Training Manager, and Internal Consultant. In my roles, I have delivered hundreds of workshops and training to employees and managers and gained extensive experience in diagnosing, consulting and building business processes and developing organizations. Through the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years, I have developed many unique methods that will allow you to both sell more and get your customers satisfied.

In my workshops and consulting sessions, I believe that a satisfied client becomes satisfied with both the way and the outcome. Therefore, in all the services I provide, I maintain the service experience, combining humor, professionalism and warm attitude with a business-oriented and goal-oriented approach.



Together we will add light to your business

I pledge to give you the service I would like to receive from you as a customer in your business: 


  • Professionalism
  • Commitment and caring
  • Full transparency
  • A service tailored to your needs


What can I do for you?

At Barak group, we provide a variety of customized services for your business needs:


  • Service and sales workshops
  • Establishing call centers
  • Escort and executive development
  • Recruitment and employee training
  • Personal training
  • Business Consulting
  • You can choose one of our services or combine a product basket tailored to your business.


See you at your business.


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