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Recruiting for your IT positions

A high-tech Recruitment agency that will close all the right corners in your recruitment needs.

The labor market has gone through a huge change process during the Corona period. Companies and organizations that have not adjusted to the new situation are having many difficulties recruiting employees in the newly created world. Work from home in your country or in different places around the globe, upgraded wages, unique conditions as never seen before and super short recruitment procedures.

All these things and more have to be dealt with by a professional HR company that knows how to promote the procedures and consult to both the candidates and the recruiting part. And this is exactly where we come in. We recruit for all development, IT and digital marketing positions around the globe.


Hi-tech recruitment - adapted to the new generation

There are many high-tech placement companies, but the professional gaps between the companies are abysmal. In order to recruit manpower for high-tech in today's era, you have to do things in a different way than what you have been used to until now. So what do we do differently at RecruitX?

  • Each client works with a personal client portfolio manager who professionally understands the jobs for which he is recruiting
  • All our recruiters and client managers undergo professional training in the fields of recruitment. They understand the language and know how to talk to candidates and hiring managers
  • The client manager will assist you in adjusting the recruitment profile in accordance to the candidate pull available in the market
  • Are you tired of a recruitment agencies that just sends you irrelevant resumes? That's exactly why it's worth working with us. We will not bombard you with resumes, but only accurate CV to what you are looking for
  • Our recruiters are trained to learn by heart the advantages of the company and the position in order and to market to the candidates, just like an internal recruiter that works for you


Hi-tech recruitment is our specialty - we work with more than 500 startup and hi-tech companies

?Why choose us

  • We have seniority in the market - new companies do not have a pool of candidates, so it will be difficult for them to find high quality candidates
  • Personal contact and understanding of customer needs - We specialize in providing personal attention and begin each new relationship with a comprehensive clarification of the client's needs. Our client managers will be in personal and ongoing contact with you, from the beginning of the process until the successful completion of the job
  • We understand that high-tech companies work at a different pace than others, so we are available for you both in the early hours of the day and in the late evening hours. The customer experience is the most important thing for you, the customers, therefore, the personal phone number of Roei the CEO is published everywhere on the website and is available at any hour, both for customers and candidates


So what do you say, Shall we recruit for you?

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