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10 ideas for amazing staff and department meetings

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Whenever it comes we don't know what to do. Will we succeed in transcending last time? How can things be done differently and make employees happy? 10 great tips for team meetings

Staff meeting

How to plan your staff meeting

"It's been two days of sitting and I haven't prepared anything yet ...".

"What will I do this year? I feel I couldn't create more surprises ...".

"I think I'll just do a data presentation and that's it, I have no ideas ...".

Anyone who has ever prepared an important meeting or conference is in a situation where the ideas simply ran out. In such cases we tend to go to the banal pattern and present dry data. In this article, I will review tools that can help with real-world meeting solutions and also provide tools for finding more ideas.


Effective team meeting for management - how to get materials for staff meeting

There are no set rules for team meeting and those who try to set such rules block your creativity. Below are a few ways to get quick and easy ideas:

  • Search Google - From a quick Google search I found at least 20 original meeting ideas in less than 5 minutes. It is better to search in English (for those who are fluent in language). You will find many original ideas that are not recognized if you are from a country where English is not an officail language
  • Facebook HR Groups - There are several groups in any language and in most countries where you can post and ask for ideas. I saw a fair number of original ideas in those groups
  • Linkedin - If you have an account on the professional network LinkedIn (highly recommended) you can join discussion groups where there are many meeting content ideas. The majority are in English, Slideshare Website - The Slideshare presentation site contains informative presentations in a wide range of fields
  • Fiverr - At the Fiber site, services can be purchased at a reasonable price of $ 5. It's definitely possible to pay someone to build a presentation with original content for a team meeting and save you time
  • Turn your creative sense on - Think about original conferences you've been to or try to create something original yourself. You'll be surprised - it works
  • Simple data presentation - it is not a shame nor a mistake to do a data review. If you feel that at the given time, you have more important things to do than investing in a well-invested team meeting. I would not recommend doing this often, but it is definitely possible and recommended in certain situations


10 original tips for team meetings and conferences

It is important to note that all of the tips below I tried myself or watched a successful conference using one or more of the tips:

  1. Identification Game - If there are different work teams in the conference, they can be divided by the original work groups. Each team will be assigned a task to create a: team anthem, original email signature and slogan. At the end of the assignment, the pre-selected judges will give scores for each section. The winning team receives an award. All teams will use what they have created in their ongoing work (for example: the logo will appear in the team members' email signatures, etc.)
  2. Who wants to be a millionaire - Instead of presenting the data in a dry and boring way, you can make a presentation in the template of who wants to be a millionaire (or any other TV show) and turn the data into an award-winning game. For those who want to invest especially, you can download free mobile apps such as: socrative and let users answer and score a mobile score
  3. Delegeta your team members - You can choose an esteemed team member / employee that you want to motivate or raise. The selected employee will be responsible for the artistic part of the evening
  4. Guest lecture - There are a large number of fascinating lecturers in work-related fields. You can certainly bring in an interesting lecturer in a non-work related field to enrich employees
  5. Information stations - Each of the senior managers / employees in the department will be in charge of a station. At each station, employees will perform different activities for a particular area of their work
  6. Unusual data presentation - Deliver a presentation with interesting data about your team that is not work related but can be connected with the employees socially. You can use data such as: common name, average age, month with the biggest amount of birthdays, more? Boys or girls - what are the amount of each gender in the company/team, average height, etc.
  7. Exceptional and Outstanding Conference (Suitable for a Small Number of Employees) - Include a section related to outstanding during your conference, but please note, there is no need to choose outstanding. Prepare an outstanding certificate in advance for each of the employees. When you read the first name and the two employees you will be surprised, then you will call the stage to all the employees and everyone will be shocked for a few seconds until they understand that everyone is called. The message is: To all of you outstanding
  8. Unusual Holidays - Choose 3 significant events that you had in the workplace during the year. Explain to employees that from now on, the workplace celebrates these holidays each year. Let the employees choose the holiday names and what the holiday customs are. It is advisable to give a budget in advance to allow the holidays to be within the bounds of logic
  9. Picnic - Instead of having a routine conference room, you can have a conference outdoors
  10. Video presentation - Ask each team / group of people to make a humorous video where another team / group of people will present at a conference


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