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Do i need a business consulting service?

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How do i know if need a business consultant? Should i save my money or will this procedure help me increase my profits? we will try to answer those questions in the article

Business consulting services

Save or invest in a business consultant?

Strategic advice is an important pillar of your business pyramid. Small business owners and many large organizations try (and rightly) to save on costs and avoid unnecessary expenses as much as possible. In this article, I will explain why proper business consulting, not only is not an unnecessary expense, but vice versa, can become your most profitable expense.


What is organizational consulting for business and why do we need it?

At one of the companies I consulted in building the training process for sales reps, I was told that the feedback from the agents on the current training is:  "Most of your work should focus on the field training process," I was told. A good and experienced business consultant must always examine the area from all angles and gather information before building a work plan. In particular, when it comes to a complex training process where delegates move between different departments in the recruitment and training process. When I spoke to the delegates they told me that they were very pleased with the course, the attitude of the instructor is excellent and he explains the material clearly and informatively. When I contacted the managers, I received exactly the same answer with only one reservation - the managers said that despite their good feelings and that of the delegates regarding the trainer, the field training process is still longer than expected and that the representatives do not always come ready from the sales course. This is where a very red light came on and I decided to investigate the subject in depth. These are the things I discovered:


There is a neat training process

There are arranged knowledge tests for examining the representative's knowledge after the course.

All peopple working in the process work in full cooperation and are committed to the success of the process.


If all goes well then what's the problem?

From the training load created, the company worked like a manufacturing plant - an incoming course and another course passed parallel to the field. As a result, the instructor was busy all day guiding and not giving time to get to the field. The managers, for their part, were busy managing the existing staff and training the new ones and did not make time to attend the course. As a result, course content became less and less relevant over time. Despite the good working relationship between the parties, no one knew how to put their finger on the problem. Once the course contents have been upgraded accordingly, we have together built a re-feeding process in which both parties must make time for each other in order for such a case to not be repeated.


And the savings?

After my consulting procedure the results were:

  • The training course is shortened in 3 days and the field training process is shortened on a full day
  • The organization saved 4 days with a full fee of 10-15 representatives per month
  • Abandonment rate of new employees decreased by 5%
  • Agents sales results in their first 3 months were 10% higher in a shorter period of time 



Types of Business Consulting

There are many types of consultants and strategic consulting companies and so, before choosing a consultant, it is important to consider what your needs are as a business owner or decision maker in the organization:



Business size

In a large organization, it is advisable to hire a consultant who has worked in several large organizations, is very familiar with bureaucracy, corporate politics, etc. A consultant who usually works with only small businesses will find it very difficult to upgrade your organizatio.

Small Business - In this case, you may want to work with a consultant who works with small businesses, know how to run things quickly and is available to you regularly.


What is the need that arises from the field?

(Sometimes there is no specific need and someone who wants to review existing processes for improvement) - later this article will devote an entire chapter to types of consultants. If there is no specific need, we recommend that you consult with an organization based on the size of your business or organization.


What is your budget framework

There are companies that offer management training and guidance programs for tens of thousands of Dollars/Euros and there are ones that offer personal training for a small business owner in the amount of several thousand.


What is the purpose of the consultation process?

Before selecting a consultant, it is important to set a goal for the consultation process. For example, if the goal is to increase sales, you can bring in an expert or sales coach, but you should bring in a consultant who has worked in companies and knows how to improve work processes as well as not just teach sales.


Is there a specific time frame?

What is the time you can devote to the process? An hour a week for three months? Are your employees the ones going through the workshop and will have to be absent from work - how long can you absorb it by looking at future profits, etc.


Is every consulting company right for every business?

Examples of various types of counseling and specializations:

  •  Sales and service coach
  • Executive development training and guidance
  • Specialist for workshops and sales and service training
  • Organizational consulting - organizational structure, work processes, organizational service, etc.
  • Business Advisor to Increase Profit in Your Business, Check Out a New Business Feasibility, Help with Independent Business Ideas, etc.
  • Marketing Consultant - Small Business Advertising, Website Building, Google Advertising, Facebook Page Building, Linkedin, Finding a Free Business Index for Advertising, etc.
  • Financing Advisor - Loans, Cash Flow, Business Financing, etc.
  • Recruitment and employee training
  • Financial advisor 


Before choosing your business consulting firm, it is advisable to go through the questions in this article and get ready for conversations with potential candidates.


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