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Sell ​​More - Training salespeople in a customized process that includes a workshop, one-on-one sessions, call scenarios, resistance management and executive training.

sales one on one

Professional sales training for your call center team

In a personal or group sales training process, the amount of sales and revenue can be improved in a relatively short time. You can take personal sales training in the business or sales training tailored to a call center, field agents, team managers and any role that requires actual sales skill.


What is Sales Training and why is it important to your organization or business?

Business owners and organizations whose employees have learned to sell with the experience often try (and rightly) to save costs and internally train their employees.

In this method, employees learn to sell from a professional who knows the business, services and products while he knows from experience in the field what works more and what works less.

So why take an external sales training or course? Despite all of the above, there are definite advantages to training and external sales training:

  • Different point of view - did you ever happen to go into the store (without being a sales professional) and did you see that if the business owner were just doing something small he could increase his sales? Now imagine a salesman who knows his world and advises a lot of organizations and businesses and has time to look at the business and watch it closely, do you understand how many improvement points he can bring?
  • Systematic and professional in sales - The business owner and / or team manager in the organization are experts in the services / products they sell, the sales coach is a sales specialist. His role is to produce tailored training to understand sales and improve sales and conversation management with a customer in every field, service and product. The good mentors really know how to take your product / service and fully adapt to their methods combined with your methods. And by the way, if he couldn't convince you that his method worked, he probably wasn't right for you
  • Different Practices - When we work in an organization or business for a long period of time, we usually work on a vending machine. This is a situation where we sell the same things the same way because it works for us. A good sales course will show us that you can do better. If you sell for 10K a day you can sell for 15K a day. If you sell 10 products you can sell 13. A good sales coach will examine every aspect of your sales and offer you to make Upsale and Cross sell for more products, change pricing if possible, new methods of handling resistance and many other things you don't use today
  • Ability to replicate the process - a good sales coach will build a process for you to replicate for future employees who train


Sales Manager Training

At Barak Group we understand from experience that training sales representatives is very important, but it is equally important to train managers as well. As a value to the client, we want you to be able to independently replicate the processes we deliver to you and therefore in the process we will conduct extensive training for managers including practical experience. Once the process is complete, administrators will be able to deliver the content we deliver. In addition, we provide a Sales Management course that teaches Sales Management, Motivation, Objectives, Data Management and Control tools and any professional sales management subject to customer demand.


Why pay for a salesperson training workshop?

Always evaluate the risk versus benefit. The owner of a call center marketer who considered hiring services asked me the question that most of you encounter on a regular basis: "Why should I pay you?" My answer surprised him greatly. I answered: "Why not pay me?" At first he was a little overwhelmed by the answer and then he answered me that he does not understandi the answer. I went back and said "why not?  you have contacted me, you have a business where you earn a certain amount and you want to earn more. You currently have 2 options: First - do nothing and pay me and stay with the profits you currently have.

To my experience, in the business world what goes up usualy goes down at the end because of the minimum wage, grow in rent and all the other costs. After a while your long-term profits are decreasing and there is the second option - pay me. Which means your risk is very low, but in return if you succeed, you can earn back the money you spent within a month and and increase annual income by more 20-30%, which will upgrade you financially amd allow you to recruit more employees and grow.

It is important for me to reflect for you the full picture since, transparency and reliability are the bright lights of my service. I couldn't meet my target for that customer. He decided to work with me and i helped him achieve sales growth of 15% and not 20-30%. For this customer it did not make much difference, as he was extremely happy, returned back what he paid me after about a month and a half in revenue and even recruited 2 more employees to meet demand. The key rule in any business is knowledge, and for knowledge that brings money, sometimes you have to take a calculated risk and spend money, because then the only then existing situation we know can turn from good to excellent. We are the ones who brought the business to this situation, for better or worse.


I want to tell you what I can do for you in the process of personal sales training:

  • Together with you in a customized program, I promise you will sell significantly better!
  • We will diagnose and customize your needs
  • Together, we will build a script and handle resistance uniquely to you and your product
  • You will learn how the content can be passed on to other salespeople
  • A custom sales training process for the salesperson's needs
  • Suitable for both organizations and businesses


Unique to Barak Group

  • Professional training in your business
  • Dedicated content for call centers, field agents, telemarketing
  • Sales training is tailored for beginners and advanced
  • A huge pool of sales tips and articles
  • Listening and analyzing frontal meetings and phone calls
  • Create a unique sales process analysis form for your business
  • Courses and workshops for team managers, focus managers and shift supervisor


Who is it for?

Business owners who want to upgrade service and sales in the business

Telephone representatives and field salesmen

Executives in the field


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