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Barak Group provides business consulting services in a variety of areas such as: marketing consulting, sales training and coaching, personal guidance and business plan building

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Digital Marketing for your business
Marketing is the most important thing in your business. Without marketing there are no customers and no business. Instead of paying someone to do it for you (and usually not do it well), you'll learn how to get more customers into your business yourself. It's not that complicated!
Consulting for your business
Running a business is not an easy thing. Customers, suppliers, employees, high expenses and unearned revenue. The pressure you have is enormous. As a business owner like you, I understand your feelings and know how hard it is to carry all this burden on one person's back
Business Plan
Many entrepreneurs start a business with a good idea, thinking that this is the most important thing. In practice, 40,000 businesses are closed every year in Israel. Apparently, many of them had a good idea, but apparently their plan and performance were less successful then their idea
Increasing profitability
In today's business and dynamic environment, it's hard to find time to sharpen the ax. We cut more trees, the blade becomes blunt and the profits of the business gradually decline. If you can't find the time to sharpen the ax, you probably need to add a different perspective
Reducing costs
You sell and sell and sell, customers are satisfied, employees are satisfied, but at the end of the month you go home with very little profit and ask: Where's the money? Don't worry, your money is in a safe place, it's just not yours!
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