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06/01/2020 7:00
In an incessant competitive environment we know how to make planned business and strategic moves. In this article we will review and explain one of the most common business environment research models and sample case analysis
Business Development
03/01/2020 7:14
You have a very broad professional knowledge and you start a business that you think that will go to glory. The service is excellent, the products are of high quality and everything looks perfect. Only one thing is missing - customers. So how do you deal with the biggest challenge in small business?
Management for Leadership
31/12/2019 7:01
The perception of the manager's role today is completely different from that which existed 30 years ago. The variety of capabilities and multitasking required by the manager leaves him little time to actually manage his employees. Is it also in the form of management today that the manager is first and foremost a leader?
Business consulting services
30/12/2019 7:33
How do i know if need a business consultant? Should i save my money or will this procedure help me increase my profits? we will try to answer those questions in the article
26/12/2019 7:05
Every manager and trainer encounters the ROI dilemma in the training world at one point or another. Many organizations find it difficult to manage an effective training system, that is to say with certainty that results in a short, medium and long term learning and implementation process
Business connections
25/12/2019 7:19
In today's business world if you do not know people in the high windows of companies or businesses, you will find it very difficult to open doors and grow your business. In this article I will show that each on of us has a network of connections that can be used to extend existing relationships and grow your career and business
Bonus modes
23/12/2019 6:47
A properly built and implemented bonus structure can significantly increase an organization's sales and profitability. So how do you do it right? The answers in the article before you
Time and tasks
16/12/2019 6:34
A lot of people talk about the equation of time = money and when we "waste" time we actually lose money. I do not rule out this equation but the correct equation to me is time = choice. When you lose time you lose a lot of things that are not necessarily just money
Johari Window
12/12/2019 9:36
The use of Johari window as a tool for employee feedback enables quick identification of the person in front of us and promotes an efficient training initiation process and custom feedback
Staff meeting
11/12/2019 9:22
Whenever it comes we don't know what to do. Will we succeed in transcending last time? How can things be done differently and make employees happy? 10 great tips for team meetings
Employee training
09/12/2019 4:34
New hiring procedures and new job training are usually the Achilles factor of many small businesses and organizations. How do i train employees and keep them in the company? The answers in the article below
Business tips
05/12/2019 7:30
There's a good idea, I'm talented - I can't fail. In practice, this is not really the case. In the States, Israel, South Africa and UK more than a million businesses are closed every year. Most of them small businesses. In order to start a successful business you need a plan
Manager development
03/12/2019 6:25
Not all managers are born leaders and not all leaders are born managers. Management skills combines personal capabilities with acquired knowledge that can be enhanced throughout training and mentoring. At Barak Group, we incorporate learning and improving management capabilities into our workshops, providing applicable tools that can be used starting today
business lecture
02/12/2019 16:04
The management concept in many organizations and businesses is that only a long-term process will lead to behavior change and performance improvement. This is often required and important. But sometimes one focused lecture is all it takes to drop tokens and make a real change. Together we will choose the route that is right for you
money in jar
02/12/2019 15:44
You sell and sell and sell, customers are satisfied, employees are satisfied, but at the end of the month you go home with very little profit and ask: Where's the money? Don't worry, your money is in a safe place, it's just not yours!
up graph
02/12/2019 15:16
In today's business and dynamic environment, it's hard to find time to sharpen the ax. We cut more trees, the blade becomes blunt and the profits of the business gradually decline. If you can't find the time to sharpen the ax, you probably need to add a different perspective
business man and woman
02/12/2019 14:36
Running a business is not an easy thing. Customers, suppliers, employees, high expenses and unearned revenue. The pressure you have is enormous. As a business owner like you, I understand your feelings and know how hard it is to carry all this burden on one person's back